Welcome to the Luxury Loft Blog! Here we will be telling you stories from behind the scenes at Luxury Loft and much more!

First up is a view into the Paris Fashion Week, where our CEO Michael Mohr recently went to have a look at all the new things to come and of course buy beautiful and cool items for our Concept Store in Mannheim and our online shop. Here is his view on it.

Anticipating atmosphere.
At the Paris fashion week the atmosphere is always good. You have to imagine that people from all over the world come to Paris in these days. People who love everything about fashion and everyone is eager to see all the new collections from their favorite designers and ready to discover new one!
The Paris fashion week atmosphere is always full of happy anticipation for great fashion experiences! All the designers are premiering with their new collection and all the customers are excited to see discover what’s new!
Paris I sin general a very international fashion metropol and during fashion week you feel all the fashion world in one place.

A man with a mission
Paris fashion week is full of all kind of events, runway shows and much more. But for Michael there is no time to fool around. Every second of the trip he has the goal to find the perfect items for The Luxury Loft Concept Store and the online shop luxuryloft.eu. He says: “you have to understand that there are so many different designers and so many collections to see, that there is simply no time to waste! I use all the time I have to select the pieces, that fits in the Loft:” His hands moves passionately while he speaks and it’s clear to see that he goes there on a mission.

Selecting the right things
But how does he know what fits in Luxury Loft? This good question, as he says, needs some thought before he answers: “It is a combination of several things. First of all I have a huge experience in the fashion industry; I started as a kid putting labels on clothes at my mothers place and I’ve been in highendfashion now for over 30 years, so that gives me an understanding of quality and how the cuts of the clothes function. Of course I combine that with my own personal taste, but more importantly I know what our customers like, so the things I end up buying is selected precisely to the Luxury Loft Concept Store and our online shop. It’s clear that it’s not an easy job, but I have to say that for a shop with a avantgarde concept, the Loft has very successful finding the perfect items for our customers.”

As always
This januarys fashion week in Paris was only slightly affected by the recent happenings in the french capital, to which Michael say: “I had waited for the whole Charlie Hebdo story to be more present during fashion week, than I experienced it to be. Of course we saw some poster and a flyer in the street, but not nearly as much as I had anticipated. The only place you could feel the impact of the recent terroraction was that the security level was slightly higher. But there was no difference in the atmosphere as I felt it and that was actually the special thing to me. Paris Fashion Week had a great atmosphere as always!”


Paris Fashion Week is always a great place to be for Michael Mohr. This is one of the places where he really experiences in which direction fashion is moving and he can bring all the new and avantgarde items from the best firstmovers in the world home. Soon we will bring more from the fashion weeks here on the blog, so stay tuned for sneak peeks and much more!