Introducing Borgward – bag for good! New at Luxury Loft The Concept Store and online! We are so excited to bring you a closer look at the Borgward bags that are of top quality and amazing style!


Taking the Borgward name further in the world
Petra Borgward (48), the woman behind the brand, is third generation in the car producing Borgward family. Her vision is to make a new classic of a bag and to extend the Borgward name in the world. She started because she felt a need in the market for quality and design that is both classic, functional and innovative. The Borgward name is strong and with Petras amazing and yet simple designs, are for us the top of every parameter at the moment! These bags are at the same time classic, unique and fashion-forward!


The Borgward bag comes in three variations. The Daily bag, the Weekender and the Clutch. Additional to that you can also get belts, iPhone cases, iPad bags and keychains. All in different leather and fur, in different colors. Every bag is unique and a true fashion statement! Here in the Loft we have several models in different colors and materials.

The proces of production is very much directed by the material. Every item is carefully being made with a great sense of detail for the design and the leder or fur. All the bags are made in Germany and Petra is in daily contact with the people whos with great level makes everything by hand. In this way the quality and look is certain to last for many years, which is the whole point. A bag that will last for good!


The history
As said earlier and as many car enthusiasts knows the Borgward family was manufacturing super great cars for decades. And this year the Borgward brand was reborn! Build on the history Borgward is now again a part of the great german car industry. And making that kind of history takes a lot.

“I have always much admired my grandfather’s tremendous achievements and life’s work. The Borgward company history made a huge impression on me because the firm’s success was built on the dreams of just one man. It was his will, courage, and energy that within 40 years created an enterprise that sold more than a million vehicles worldwide and employed in excess of 20,000 people. I was always astonished by how much one man can accomplish if he has a dream and pursues it to the end.“ – Christian Borgward (


Signature red
Petra is clearly also very inspired by the history og Borgward cars, but always looking forward and using the history to move on. The red leather inside the Borgward bag is the signature of the brand and is inspired by the famous Borgward-Isabella car model, that also had beautiful red leather seats. This is Petras reference to history of the name and true to the high quality that is a must for her.


Luxury Loft has in this season collaborated with Borgward. We have put together the unique combinations of leather, colors and studded logo. Therefore you’ll also find our logo on the inside of the bag. These designs are exclusive to be found at Luxury Loft and we couldn’t be happier about them! You can really feel the quality of the handmade bags, that will make you fall in love and surely become your great companion and true fashion statement.

The bags of Petra Borgward are a real insider tip. Exclusive and absolutely luxurious, these bags are very special and unique. We love them!

Thanks for reading and see you soon here, in the online shop or come by our Concept Store in the habor of Mannheim! Ciao 🙂