Issey Miyake mens collection is new here in the Loft and our CEO Michael Mohr already bought for the next season at Paris Fashion Week in January. Here’s a look into Issey Miyakes’ world!

Background information
First a bit of info. Issey Miyake was born in 1938 in Hiroshima, Japan, and he is one of the most important pioneers of today’s avant-garde fashion. He creates timeless silhouettes, which are futuristic, modern and absolutely trendy at the same time. His innovative designs are minimalistic and inspired by nature and technology. At the front of the store in Paris it’s clear to see where he gets his inspiration at the moment! The beautiful and colorful jellyfish is both on the front of the store in Paris and printed on the fabric of the new collection. Underneath you can see it on a full outfit from the runway show and the blazer we have here in the Loft.


Exclusive and comfortable
The Issey Miyake mens collection is, as told, new here in the Luxury Loft Concept Store and in the online shop from this years spring/summer season too, that means right now! It is a clear philosophy from Issey Miyakes side to not just let anybody retail his collections. The quality of the clothing has to be met by the same kind of quality, when selling his items. And that you will get at ours! In the whole Mannheim area we are having Issey Miyake men exclusively here. The pieces we have are all both very cool and special, but also truly comfortable to wear. And comfort you could also see in the new collection for autumn/winter at Paris Fashion Week in January, where our CEO Michael Mohr went to pick out things for next season.


The showroom
Inside the showroom in the Paris Fashion Week here in January, you could of course see all the new collections, autumn/winter 2015. Issey Miyake men, and previews of the women and the Pleats Please collections. Michael is very excited about the mens collection, he says: “Issey Miyake really has a way to move things forward and I found all the pieces in the autumn/winter collection very cool, but of course there are some pieces that wouldn’t make sense to bring to the Loft. I think I picked out the best ones and I hope you all will love them as much as I do. It’s only too bad that we have to wait until fall to see! But now it’s also time for the spring and summer clothes and the things we have now are super cool!”


Pleats Please and women collection, Ezati Heidelberg
A preview of the women and the Pleats Please collection were also to be found  in the showroom, collections the Ezati shop ( in the old town of Heidelberg has. The Pleats Please collection (showroom in the picture above) is made with a special technique, where the garment is first sewn and then pleaded into shape. This makes the clothes follow the shape and movement of the body in a very comfortable and beautiful way, while the waves and cuts keeps the silhouettes creating pieces that are both sculptural, super wearable and of the highest quality. Solmaz Ezati, the shop owner traveling with Michael to the Fashion Week, found some great pieces for next season! In her store, Ezati in Heidelberg, you can find much more of this seasons Issey Miyake for women and Solmaz will be happy to see you there!


Sneak Peek!
Last but not least, we here give you a look into the very center of Paris Fashion Week with the runway show of Issey Miyake men collection for the autumn/winter 2015 season. We are blown away, check it out!

Cool, right? Thanks for reading our blog and see you soon for more things out of the fashion weeks. Avantgarde, forward-moving fashion brought to you by Luxury Loft! See you!