We are happy to bring to you a closer look at two very exiting jewelry brands, which both produce beautiful hand crafted jewels.


GOTI is an italian brand, designed by Riccardo Goti. He creates a very special urban Look, by using materials like silver and leather for his unique bracelets and necklaces. Each item has its own story and is handmade in Italy, where Riccardo Goti lives and works.

Beside his great jewelry collection Goti creates exclusive unisex perfumes. Each fragrance is a very unique mix of natural essences and ingredients and has got an inimitably flavor. You can find the whole collection at the Luxury Loft Concept Store and online Shop www.luxuryloft.eu!


The silver collection of BUDDHA TO BUDDHA!!.

New at Luxury Loft The Concept Store and online shop www.luxuryloft.eu!  These are eye catching beautiful an solid jewels which are inspired by the BUDDHA TO BUDDHA way of life. The philosophy of living consciously and enjoying, making the most of each day in an easy going and natural manner.


BUDDHA TO BUDDHA finds its origin in Bali. Each item is handcrafted on this beautiful inspiring island and is therefore unique and created with great personal care during several days of production. Best 925 has been used for each bracelet, ring, earring and necklace of the collection.


To wear a BUDDHA TO BUDDHA silver bracelet is a real statement and it feels good.