It is time to freshen up the product line of the Luxury Loft Concept Store in Mannheim, the Ezati store in Heidelberg and their combined online shop containing all brands. Michael Mohr the CEO of Luxury Loft visited the fashion week in Paris together with the CEO of the Ezati Store in Heidelberg Solmaz Ezati. New styles of the new collections of e.g. Hannes Roether, thom/krom, Issey Miyake and Rundholz will be added to the new collections.

Yohji Yamamoto

The order tour started at the Yohji Yamamoto Showroom in Paris. It should be noted that the showroom in Paris is the only showroom of Yohji Yamamoto worldwide. Solmaz and Michael selected some of the greatest styles for Luxury Loft. The Yohji Yamamoto collection is made up of the man first line, the women first line and the Y’s collection.


Men first collection

The new collection maintains the typical avand-garde style. The colours used are typical for Yamamoto, mainly black and white. Solmaz and Michael experienced the extraordinary material Yohji Yamamoto uses. Not to forget the great fit of Yamamoto’s clothing.  This brand is an experience in its own. The hand painted jackets are as amazing as the reversible pants.


Women first collection

Y’s collection We can’t wait to see the amazing and unique jackets and trousers hanging in the Ezati store in Heidelberg and in the Luxury Loft in Mannheim as well as in our online store   Issey Miyake In the Issey Miyake showroom Solmaz and Michael took a close look at the jackets, trousers, and jerseys of this Japanese luxurious fashion brand. The completely white showroom offers a great platform for the fall/winter 16 collection. Here you can see some of the unique jackets, tops and trousers which were presented to Solmaz and Michael.


Issey Miyake also offers a women collection, too. Solmaz and Michael selected some styles for the Ezati store in Heidelberg and for the Luxury Loft in Mannheim. Here some of the styles are presented by Solmaz the CEO of Ezati:


Issey Miyake is not only famous for its comfortable unique styles but also for its  body sculptures.


Do you recognize this pattern? These are the famous Bao Bao bags you can find at Luxury loft. Soon there will be some new styles added to our product line. Michael and Solmaz were very diligent in Paris.


The Tranoi

The Tranoi International Fashion Tradeshow offers an exclusive variety of top level high fashion brands like Hannes Roether, thom/krom, Issey Miyake and Rundholz. Only handpicked Brands are allowed to this trade show. There is a long waiting list of brands to show their collections at Tranoi. Therefore the displayed items are very remarkable. Michael and Solmaz choose wisely to offer their customers the top of the line of trousers, shirts, jackets and accessories in premium fashion for men and women. ‘It is not easy to chose from all these great styles, but we are working with the best fashion brands’ said Michael Mohr CEO of Luxury Loft regarding the upcoming season.


At the Goti booth Solmaz and Michael looked for the finest accessories to add to the product line of Luxury Loft and Ezati. It was a happy meet and greet with Aurelio Goti.  He delightedly presented Goti’s beautiful new accessories collection for men & women?



the tour continued to Rundholz’s showroom. The CEO’s entered a world of avant-garde meeting clean modernism.

Our Paris lunch recommendation!

If you are in Paris and want some really good Thai food you should take a look at Betty Thai.


Solmaz and Michael enjoyed their lunch in the beautiful cozy and warm atmosphere. Michael’s commented that the best Thai food he ever had was there. Here is a little sneak peek into the cozy and usually crowded restaurant – since the food is really delicious. As soon as the new collection arrives you will find some carefully selected items in the online store Luxury Loft as well as the local luxury fashion store for women Ezati in Heidelberg and the Luxury Loft in Mannheim.